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Common Problems with Car Wheels

We hope you know you just have to head over to our convenient location whenever you’re looking for a new Porsche car for sale because we have an extensive selection of the latest Porsche models. Just like you know we’re your trusted source for brand-new Porsche vehicles, you also know one more thing if you’ve lived near our Porsche dealership long enough – the end of winter and the beginning of spring make up pothole season.

Potholes can pose big problems for automobiles. If you hit a pothole hard enough, it can dent your wheels. Of course, the same thing can happen if you run into a curb or a bump too hard.

If your vehicle is equipped with alloy wheels, your wheels may be even more susceptible to dents than steel wheels. That’s because alloy wheels often come with low profile tires. That kind of tire doesn’t provide much protection when it comes to wheel dents caused by an impact. In addition to dents, alloy wheels are vulnerable to pitting.

Steel wheels and alloy wheels can both experience corrosion. Corrosion is often caused by moisture, road salt, brake dust, or dirt. Corrosion is more than a cosmetic issue. It’s a common problem that can destroy the integrity of your wheels. Corrosion can cause even bigger problems if it spreads to other areas, such as your axles or wheel studs.

The moment you notice corrosion on your wheels, you should make an appointment to bring your car into our Porsche service center near Zionsville, IN. Of course, you should also bring your vehicle into our Porsche service center if your wheels become dented or pitted. Whatever problem you’re having with your wheels, our factory-trained technicians will come up with the appropriate resolution.

For more information about common wheel problems, contact Tom Wood Porsche today.

Date Posted: April 16, 2018