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Pay Attention to Your Battery in the Winter

Whether you drive a 2017 Porsche Panamera or an older Porsche car, it’s important for you to pay attention to your vehicle’s battery during the winter. While winter can certainly do a number on your battery, summer is usually the harshest season when it comes to car batteries. Unfortunately, the problems caused by summer’s heat often become apparent when winter rolls around.

To avoid an unexpected breakdown when it’s freezing outside, you should test your battery to make sure it has enough life left to get you through the winter. If you have a newer automobile, you might be tempted to skip this step. If your battery is 36 months-old or older, skipping this step is not a smart thing to do. If it’s been a while since you had your battery tested, make an appointment to bring your car into our Porsche service center near Westfield, IN now.

In addition to having your battery tested, you should make it a point to keep your battery clean throughout the winter months. Your battery’s terminals should be clean and free of corrosion. If corrosion is present, it might prevent your car from starting even if your battery is fully charged. So it’s critical for you to remove every trace of corrosion from your battery’s terminals.

You should also park in an enclosed garage whenever possible during winter. Even if you don’t have heat in your garage, the walls can still prevent your battery from being drained by cold, wintry winds.

You can prolong your battery’s life by turning off the things that will typically continue to drain your automobile’s battery even when your vehicle isn’t running. These things include your windshield wipers and your navigation and climate control systems.

For more advice about the attention your battery will likely need throughout the winter months, contact Tom Wood Porsche now.

Date Posted: January 7, 2018